LYRA TITAN i (Out of production. Full service & support available.)

The Titan i represents the culmination of Jonathan Carr's fourth generation designs. The entire main structure is machined from a single piece of titanium alloy, which has been curved and shaped in a manner calculated to minimize any potential standing waves, internal reflections or resonances.

This microscopic attention to detail has been extended to the interior body structures, which are too intricate to be formed by mechanical means. A process known as electrical discharge machining is used, not only because of its ability to fashion complex shapes, but also because it is a non-contact process, and therefore does not create any mechanical stresses in the machined structure. The superior rigidity afforded by the Titan i's solid, intricate, low-resonance body construction helps create a clearly defined reference pivot for the cantilever, which improves the conversion accuracy of mechanical vibrations into electrical signals.

A rigid titanium body also creates an efficient path for the vibrations from the stylus to be channeled away from the critical signal generator area and into the tonearm, where this energy can be dissipated effectively. The particular titanium alloy used has been chosen specifically for its low-level of self-resonances and advantageous sonic properties.

Titan i