A bit more detailed information: LYRA OLYMPOS

The cantilever, coils, and diamond were all either developed especially for the Olympos or adopted from the later LYRA cartridge developments. As with the Titan design, the boron cantilever was diamond coated, and the main structure machined from a sold block of titanium. However, neither of these parts could be lifted directly from the Titan, so a new design had to be developed for the Olympos.


The Olympos is the only current LYRA cartridge that retains a traditional single magnet with fore and aft polepiece structure.


The original run of 10 Olympos cartridges sold out on introduction in 2002. We subsequently discovered that it would be possible to produce more Olympos cartridges if an original Parnassus cartridge is used as a "donor". From the donor we recycle only the platinum-iron magnets and 5N iron polepieces. To date approximately 60 Olympos cartridges have been produced.

As each Olympos is a one-off bespoke model, custom versions including Olympos SL (lower output) and Olympos Mono have also been produced. However, an Olympos cannot simply be ordered up from your LYRA retailer; LYRA can only make an Olympos when a donor Parnassus cartridge is provided.