LYRA HELIKON (Out of production)

LYRA's best known cartridge, the Helikon is Jonathan Carr's fourth generation Moving Coil design. Featuring enhancements to the earlier pole-piece-less designs with twin disc magnets eliminating as much conductive material as possible from the vicinity of the generator and gap, the Helikon has practically zero non-functional material in the vicinity of the generator coils.

One of the hardest aircraft grade alloys available is used for the main structure, ensuring maximum rigidity and allowing for fanatical machining precision. The surface is spray painted and finally lacquered with a clear finish for long-life. The cantilever assembly is mechanically connected to the main one-piece structure of the cartridge, so the rear section of the cantilever assembly extends deep into the body/mechanical grounding structure itself and is anchored securely in place with a bolt.

Yoshinori Mishima personally assembles, adjusts, and voices each cartridge for an exuberant and elegant sound that is full of life and energy. As all Helikons are hand-made by one person; sample-to-sample variation is minimized. The Helikon has a strong fan base with close to 5000 in use around the world.

To create a high level of energy into the majority of Moving Coil capable phono stages - including tube stages - the Helikon's coils have two layers of windings for 0.5 mV output while still presenting a low 5.5 ohm impedance.