LYRA ARGO i (Out of production)

The Argo i features our proprietary, Ogura-made cantilever/coil/diamond stylus assembly with boron rod cantilever and original line-contact stylus. The Argo i is entirely hand-made by Yoshinori Mishima as an extremely refind cartridge that will shine in advanced analog systems with the capability of properly amplifying its 0.45mV output. Compared to the Dorian, the Argo i is more demanding of the phono amplifier and the overall ability of the analog system to properly reproduce the levels of detail and sophistication the cartridge is capable of delivering.

Non-polepiece construction with a non-magnetic, non-conductive front magnet carrier means the only components that create a magnetic field are the two symmetrical disc magnets. The body is machined from a single piece of hard-anodized aluminum alloy for superior rigidity.

Argo i